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Musical Theatre Southwest
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Backstage of MTS

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Please note: We are currently NOT accepting donations of costumes at this time.
Thank you for your consideration.
Stage properties, costumes and backdrops are a very important element of any theatrical production. Designing the right piece to help carry your message on stage is a specialty of MTS. Amongst our collection of specialty props; odds and ends; period pieces; accoutrements and oversized novelties; we are sure that you can find the unique piece for which you've been looking. And if you can't find it...we'll build it!
The majority of our formerly available props, costumes and backdrops were permanently destroyed in the warehouse fire in May 2010. Although this fire was a set back to our organization, an overwhelming show of support from our community and dedicated patrons has allowed us to reclaim a large selection of props and costumes. Stop by the Center for Theatre to see what we've got!
Costume Shop
Costume Donations
  • Cleaning out your closets? Donate your items to MTS!
  • Hats, old eyeglass frames, antique jewelry, men's old watches (working or not)
  • Period clothing: civil war, medieval costumes, renaissance period, zoot suits, Greek & Roman togas and nativity costumes
  • Wigs and hair accessories
  • Bring your donations to the Center for Theatre or call us at (505) 265-9119.
Costume Samples
Costume • Prop • Scenic Design Donations
Sitting on a treasure? Looking for a creative outlet? Donate your items and time to MTS!
We are NOT accepting donations at this time.
Thank you for your consideration.
  • Old phones (such as candlestick or those with a rotary dial)
  • Wood, metal or plastic dishes, cups and mugs
  • Artificial meat such as ham, turkey or roast
  • Special effect devices (bubbles, haze)
  • Oversized items and comic props
  • Gun holsters and metal cups
  • Scenic Design
  • Interior, exterior and scenic paint (water based)
  • Lumber of ALL shapes, sizes and kinds
  • Chains, rope, tie/fishing line, lamps
  • Builders, Carpenters, Handymen!
Venue Rentals
For information regarding the rental of our 100 seat Black Box performance space, please contact the business office at (505) 265-9119.


MTStudents, our education component, focuses on providing students with a diverse exposure to the Performing Arts through authentic idea development, technique, creativity and performance. All courses strive to build and encourage students to be inquisitive, inventive, confident and to nurture a life long appreciation of the arts. Our program offers supportive classes with professionals that prepare students for excellence in the community and the world at large.
Musical Theatre Southwest
Internship Program
Applications are being accepted for our Internship Program!
Musical Theatre Southwest Education Committee is offering internships for educational purposes in the area of musical theatre production.
For more information, please click on the program overview below.
Internship Program Overview
To submit your application, please click on the button below. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.If you are under the age of 18, please have parental consent before submitting your application.